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Fresh Cut Flower Food for Longer Lasting Blooms + Flowers Scissors

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  • MADE FOR FRESH CUT FLOWERS - Our Plant Food formula is created for all types of fresh cut flowers including Roses, Carnations, Gladiolus, Heather, English Lavenders, Sunflowers, and other vase flowers. Keep your bouquet looking fresh and healthy with a gentle and well-balanced formula of all the essential nutrients. Our scissors are specifically designed for fresh-cut arrangements, providing precision and ease of use, allowing you to create stunning floral displays with clean and precise cuts.

  • EASY TO USE - The fertilizer comes in an 8 fl oz. sealed bottle with a dispensing pump designed to measure out the perfect amount of solution needed in each vase of flowers. The convenient pre-mixed liquid formula is ready to use right out of the package. Simply use 3-5 pumps directly into the vase water. Add 3-5 pumps to every 8 oz. cups of water, and replace the water every 2-3 days.
  • PRECISION AND DURABILITY Our Plant Scissors feature sharp stainless steel blades for clean cuts, ensuring accurate trimming, pruning, and harvesting for optimal plant health. The lightweight and ergonomic handle ensure comfort and control, making them the perfect tool for a wide range of bouquet and plants tasks.

  • VALUE -  The product includes an 8 fl oz. bottle with fresh cut flowers solution formula, the dispensing pump features a locking system that reduces leaking and spills, Plant Scissors (6.5” x 3.87”), and Fresh Cut Care Guide with helpful tips.