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Horticulture Charcoal for Soil Conditioning

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  • Improved Drainage: Horticultural charcoal is highly porous, allowing for excellent water drainage in both potted plants and terrariums. Its structure helps prevent waterlogged soil, reducing the risk of root rot and other water-related issues.
  • Odor and Toxin Absorption: Horticultural charcoal acts as a natural filter, effectively absorbing and neutralizing unpleasant odors and harmful toxins in the soil. This property is particularly beneficial for terrariums, where enclosed environments can trap and amplify odors.
  • Prevents Fungal Growth: Charcoal has antifungal properties that inhibit the growth of harmful fungi in the soil. Adding horticultural charcoal to plant pots or terrarium substrates can help prevent the onset of fungal, such as damping-off, root rot, and fungal leaf spots.
  • Soil pH Regulation: Charcoal has a neutral pH, which helps stabilize the pH levels in the soil. It acts as a buffer, preventing drastic fluctuations that could negatively impact plant growth. This makes it an excellent addition to both acidic and alkaline soils, ensuring a more balanced and suitable environment for plant roots.
  • Long-Lasting Effects: Horticultural charcoal is durable and has a slow decomposition rate. Once added to the soil or terrarium substrate, it can provide its beneficial effects for an extended period. This makes it a cost-effective and low-maintenance option for enhancing plant health and creating optimal growing conditions.mal growing conditions.

Potted Plants 

To use horticultural charcoal for potted plants, mix it with potting soil to improve drainage and prevent waterlogging. Apply a layer at the bottom of the pot before adding soil for optimal results. 


To use charcoals in a terrarium, place a layer of activated charcoal at the bottom to filter and purify the water, preventing odors and maintaining a healthy environment. Additionally, incorporate small pieces of charcoal into the soil mix to absorb excess moisture and reduce the risk of root rot in your terrarium plants. 

Soil Amendment 

To utilize horticultural charcoal as a soil amendment, mix it evenly into the soil before planting or apply it as a top dressing. It enhances soil structure, improves aeration, and helps retain moisture, leading to healthier and more productive plants.