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Your one-stop destination to explore the captivating world of terrariums. Join us for a creative and inspiring experience, where nature and imagination unite. Connect, learn, and grow with like-minded enthusiasts as we create beautiful miniature ecosystems. Don't miss out on this unforgettable event!

Terrariums are a great team event idea for several reasons

Captivating terrarium team-building event with lush greenery and collaborative spirit. Explore creativity and foster teamwork as participants cultivate diverse plants in glass enclosures. Experience the synergy of teamwork and nature in this unique and engaging activity, perfect for enhancing workplace cohesion and connection.

what's included?

  • Two Terrarium Glasses (choose your glass style)
  • Air Plants + Air Plant Care Guide (optional)
  • Succulents + Succulents Care Guide (optional)
  • Moss (Reindeer Moss, Forest Moss & Lichen)
  • Potting Soil Blended with Activated Charcoal
  • Gardening Vermiculite
  • Plant Food (1oz)
  • Bamboo Tongs
  • Natural Hair Brush Finishing Tool
  • Two Miniature Dinos
  • Terrarium Build & Care Guide

Schedule a thrilling Terrarium Team Event now in just three simple steps:

Organize a Terrarium Team Event

Use our user-friendly form to effortlessly schedule your team event. Simply provide your details, select the desired terrarium kit, choose your preferred plants, specify the number of participants, and pick a date for your event.

Complete the Participant Shipping Form

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Await your Package and Connect with your Team

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Do you ship to multiple locations?

Yes, we can ship to multiple locations. Whether you need delivery to one specific location or several different ones, we can accommodate your shipping needs.

How far in advance should I schedule a terrarium team event?

For optimal availability and proper planning, we recommend scheduling a terrarium team event at least two weeks in advance. However, if you have a last-minute team event, we will do our best to accommodate it as long as there is enough time for shipping and preparations.

Do you offer team events for small groups?

Yes, we offer small team events for those looking to organize a more intimate terrarium experience. Our small team events are designed for companies, families, and various events, providing a fun and engaging experience for all group.

Do you accommodate large groups for terrarium team events?

Yes, we accommodate large groups for terrarium team events. We work with big companies and can organize team events for groups of 500 or more. Whether you require shipping to multiple locations or a single location, we can tailor our services to meet your needs and ensure a successful event.