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Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer - Weekly Use

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Size: 4 oz.
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  • MADE FOR AIR PLANTS - Our Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer Weekly formula is created for all varieties of air plants including Brachycaulus, Bulbosa, Capitata, Caput Medusae, Ferns, Ionantha, Stricta, Xerographica, and other common Epiphytes. Perfect for air plants grown in planters, terrariums, frames, seashells, glass, metal & wood holders.

  • EASY TO USE - The fertilizer comes in an 8 fl oz. sealed bottle with an ultra-fine mist sprayer designed to mist easily. The convenient pre-mixed liquid formula is ready to use right out of the package. Simply use 3-5 sprays
    weekly, directly onto air plants, in addition to regular watering and misting.

  • ENHANCE GROWTH - Keep your houseplants healthy with a gentle and well-balanced formula of all the essential nutrients to boost their growth. Our weekly fertilizer helps air plants with leaf growth, root & pup development, color vibrancy, blooms, hydration, and vitality.

  • VALUE - The product includes 8 fl oz. bottle with weekly solution formula, trigger sprayer with a leak prove foam liner inside to prevent leakage of liquid, and Air Plant Care Guide with helpful tips. Each bottle can feed houseplants for more than 6 months.

  • USA-MADE - Our plant fertilizers are made and packed in the USA to ensure quality. 

Air Plants:
1 Air Plant - Guatemala
2 Air Plants - Guatemala, Guatemala
3 Air Plants - Guatemala, Medusae, Peach
4 Air Plants -  Guatemala (2), Medusae, Peach
5 Air Plants - Guatemala, Scaposa, Rubra, Medusae, Peach
10 Air Plants - Guatemala (3), Scaposa (3), Rubra (2), Medusae, Peach