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The Best Terrarium Plants: A Guide to Succulents
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The Best Terrarium Plants: A Guide to Succulents

It's always exciting to come up with new ideas and find the best plants for a terrarium. Succulents are always a popular choice for these tiny indoor gardens, but they require care that is a little different from traditional terrariums.

In this guide, we help you choose the best succulents for a terrarium and give you a few tips on how to keep them healthy and vibrant.

The Best Succulents for a Terrarium

Succulents do well in open terrariums because of their minimal water requirements. They prefer bright but indirect light rather than full sunlight. Make sure you test the soil before watering, as all succulents do best when the soil is completely dry before their next drink.

Choose a terrarium with a medium to large opening to prevent humidity and ensure maximum airflow.  Most succulents are slow-growing, which makes them perfect for terrariums, but you need to set them up properly so they can thrive.

The bottommost layer should be fine gravel or rocks. Add a one-inch layer of charcoal next to absorb toxins and stop mold and mildew. Place sphagnum moss on top of the charcoal before you add the final layer of pre-moistened succulent soil.

Plant the succulents and firm the soil down around them. Make sure you leave at least an inch of space between each plant. 

The Best Terrarium Plants - Succulents

Jade Plant: Jade plants have thick, rounded leaves that are available in a range of shapes and sizes. The Hobbit Jade succulent is a favorite for terrarium enthusiasts because of its small, shrub-like appearance.

Haworthia: The Haworthia, or Zebra plant, is a striking looking succulent in the Aloe family that is perfect for terrariums because of its miniature size.  The plant’s bold stripes add a decorative flair to any arrangement, and it's extremely easy to look after.

Mother of Thousands: The single-stemmed mother of thousands is a fun terrarium succulent featuring unique blue-green pointed leaves, with each leaf surrounded by tiny plantlets sprouting from the leaf edges.

Burrito: The Burrito is a trailing succulent with stumpy, fleshy leaves. They add an extra dimension to your terrarium landscape as their thick, leafy tails escape the inner confines to flow over and down the outside of the terrarium. 

String of Pearls: String of Pearls are another great choice for creating unique terrarium designs. The pearl-laden strands will eventually overflow the container to provide your terrarium with a touch of the exotic.

Agave: Agaves are monocots that grow into rosettes of succulent, leathery leaves and are available in a range of sizes and spectacular colors, from vibrant green to stormy blue.

Hens and Chicks: Terrarium enthusiasts love the Hens and Chicks succulent because of its gorgeous rosette of mauve-tipped leaves. The plant's name comes from its ability to surround itself with "babies" that are attached to the "mother" by an underground runner. 

The above are just a small selection of succulents you can use to create spectacular indoor mini landscapes. The best terrarium plants do better with high-quality materials, so be sure to check out our website for more information.

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